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Cindi Drennan 

Specialist Skills:  

New Media Producer & Creative Director  
Visual Artist

I have been working in new media since 1994, producing quality web sites and CD-ROM projects. My early career in graphic design, film and television production, gave me valuable experience as a creative producer in established industries. New Media provides a constant challenge to understand the tools of the trade and how to apply them for the benefit of the end user. Interactivity is about engaging with technology in a meaningful way, not a click that interrupts one's flow of actions."

"As an artist, I explore the performance and interactive aspects of visual media. The messages I experiment with are about society, destiny, and change, although they may mean something different to you when you see them. The artist is the medium for the ideas that are out there."

"My creative ideas, combined with experience in project management and direction, are assets in the development of quality interactive products... and I consider the most essential tools to my success to be my desire to excel, my ability to lead projects to completion, my hands-on experience and my passion to produce innovative applications of technology."

to contact me regarding my work please email: cindi@projectroom.com

I am currently working as a New Media consultant for the company Go Nova Pty Ltd.

I offer my clients extensive experience in the development of interactive multimedia and digital media projects in the educational, corporate and entertainment sectors. My services include the analysis of online strategies, development of project plans, and management of all production processes involved in production of new media works. I also provide design and creative direction services on many projects. The following examples are illustrations of my producing and design skills:


Tumblong - online art studio and virtual museum
UTS Virtual Open Day - Telstra Financial Review Award Winner
Masters in Multimedia - course information site including interviews with new media gurus
Australia Street - project manager
Australian Film Commission - Interface Design consultant


businessgene - a business zine (more info at www.businessgene.com/about.cfm)
telstra e-state - various telstra sites designed/ produced for the 4.2 standard
rush bridge jump australia - executive adventures
interactive news for kids - including an interactive tour

More examples can be found below under "Career Highlights"


Employment History: 


1999 - 2000: NEW MEDIA CONSULTATNT - Go Nova web systems

Key Roles: Consulting in the sphere of internet applications development, providing expertise and services in producing, project management, creative direction and design.


Institute for Interactive Multimedia, University of Technology Sydney

Key roles: Producing and Project Management including the coordination and development of a range of interactive multimedia projects.
Instructional and Interface design of CD-ROM and Web based projects for use in higher education, and the learning context.
Production and completion of over 30 projects, including the AIMIA award winning
Virtual Open Day, and Tumblong, Australia Street, and Masters of Interactive Multimedia.
Teaching in the Masters in Multimedia course and development of subject material for the course.

1997: MULTIMEDIA PROJECT MANAGER - SAI Media  Projects included the Australian Film Commission web site and MSN's Velvet. 

1994 - 1995: PRODUCER / PROJECT MANAGER - Energee Interactive. Managing the digital production studio on animated TV features and TVCs.

1991 - 1993:  VIDEO DIRECTOR - ThinkTank Video. Producing and directing animation, short films, TVCs and film clips. 



My interests outside of my primary employment include founding and running the projectroom collective site and warehouse, and a Video art partnership tesseract which creates and performs live visual installations.

I have expertise in a number of content areas:

  • Visual Arts
  • Higher education
  • Digital Media
  • Film and Television

My skills include:

  • Starting and ending projects
  • Research
  • Motivation of individuals
  • Technical and Creative abilities to learn and use new tools.

Personal Wisdom:

In the end, a project is only as good as the team doing the job. That is why the most important job of a leader is not only to pick a winning project, but also to pick a winning team, and ensure that they work well together until the end.



A.F.T.R.S. PRODUCING EXTENSION COURSE - Producing, Production Management Specialisation. Produced ROCKHOPPER super 16mm short film, and two other short films. First Assistant Director on NIGHTWORK and DESSERTS. 

1987 - 1991 
Bachelor of Arts, VISUAL ARTS - University of S.A. Major in Film and Television Production. 


Career Highlights: 


BUSINESSGENE website - 2000 - interface designer of an australian business zine (more info at www.businessgene.com/about.cfm)

TESLTRA E-STATE website and various telstra sites designed/ produced for the 4.2 standard - 1999 - 2000. Interface designer and project manager of internet applications development.

RUSH BRIDGE JUMP AUSTRALIA website - 1999 - promotional site for executive adventures. Interface Design and Creative Direction.

VIRTUAL OPEN DAY website - winner of the AIMIA award for best higher education website in 1998. My role was project management and creative director on this and related sites (eg courses and careers week).
openday.uts.edu.au & ccweek.uts.edu.au

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE CD-ROM - 1998 - Executive Producer of a proprietary application to train acupuncture students in a simulation of the TCM diagnostic process.

SIMHOUSE CD-ROM- 1998 - Producer of a Quicktime VR simulation of a Virtual House, to be used nationally for training Real Estate agents.

iNK (interactive news for kids) - Associate Producer and interface designer- 1999 - A commercial application being produced to provide an online publishing system to teach children how newspapers work.

TUMBLONG website - May 1998
Information Design and Project management of an online art studio, public forum and virtual art museum.

MASTER OF INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA website - October 97. Project Management, Information Design and Creative Direction.  A number of interviews with new media workers were included in the site.

AUSTRALIAN FILM COMMISSION website - completed Jul 97 - Information Design and Project Management.

AUSTRALIA STREET  website & p'type CD-ROM - completed 96. Sociological Exploration and Archival of Australian homes and responses to domestic environments. Role: Project manager 

MSN VELVET webshow - April - July 1997. Project Management. 

DAB-ROM promotional CD-ROM - 1996 - faculty of design architecture and building presentation for prospective students. Role: Project manager 

GOGO's Adventures with English -completed July '95 - Educational CD-ROM for Asian market - Role: Creative Producer / Project Manager 


GOGO's Adventures with English - completed Dec '94 
39 part Educational series. Role: Digital Studio Production Manager. 

HOOPS - completed Dec '94 for Virgin Interactive LA. 
Sprite rendering for Basketball computer game.
Role: Digital Studio Production Manager and QA.

CROCADOO Pilot - completed Oct '94 
Role: Digital Studio Production Manager. 

BURBANK FEATURES ("Hans" & "Goldilocks") '94 
Role: Digital Studio Production Manager. 

Film & TV: 

seniors week series of television commercials - Producer/Director

Super16mm Short Film. 14 mins.
Producer/Production Mgr.
Director: Nonie Byrne Cast: Ron Falk, Allan Lock. 

16mm short film. First Assistant Director
Director: Jane Schneider; Cast: Gosia Dobrowolski

Educational Corporate Video series.  Producer / Director 

3 Camera Live Recording and broadcast Music Clips for SA Musicians, including Mad Turks, Nouveau Au Go Go and Just Kidding.  Producer.

SAMMY - 1987
Short Film. Winner of 1987 SA YFM award for Technical Innovation.
Writer Director / Production Designer and Digital effects

Independent Documentary.
Winner of 4 awards in SA Young Film makers Festival. Producer / Director

SA YFM awards for NIBBLES 1985 (Sound design) and CURIOUS 1984 - (Production Design and lighting), and BIRTHDAY PRESENT in 1983 (award of merit).

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