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Probably my biggest recent personal project has been the construction of a warehouse studio that I am sharing with several friends. It is hard work to construct one's own home, but totally worthwhile... I guess I am an architect at heart, as designing and creating spaces (whether virtual or in RL) comes naturally!

Most of my creative time is spent producing new work for <tesseract>. I consider this endeavour to be the most productive form of creative expression for me, since it combines my film and video background with my painting, drawing and editing skills; the fact that it is a visual and non-linear artform expressed in a spatial environment develops my skills in sculpture and human environments; finally, <tesseract> is a performance based activity, which is an ongoing creative challenge.

other projects:

Heavenly Creatures - digital media(1999)

City Park - painting (1999)

Butoh - drawing (1998)

Corrinne's Pool (1998)

Winter crafts and comforts

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